Abstract must be written in English. The text should not exceed 250 words and should contain the motivation of the work, a problem statement, the approach and methodology, and a summary of the main findings. Please read and follow further instruction in the template for abstract submission which you can download by clicking “Download” button below.



Author can submit more than one abstract via the conference official website submission page. The extended deadline for abstract submission is May 15th, 2018. After submission, editing of and changes in abstract can only be accepted before the submission deadline is due. Due to this postponement of abstract submission deadline, other important dates will also change and be announced later.


Submission Review and Selection Process


  • Submissions will undergo four review processes: (1) abstract review, (2) paper review by scientific committee, (3) paper review by SciTePress Publisher, and (4) paper review by Scopus.
  • Abstract review will decide whether a submission is accepted or rejected. It will also decide the mode of presentation (oral/poster) based on author’s preference and the compatibility of the submission.
  • Abstract submitted for oral presentation may be accepted as a poster due to limited time slots for oral session and the compatibility of the submission.
  • Abstracts accepted as oral presentation are invited to submit the full papers.
  • Selected papers (based on review by scientific committee) will be submitted for publication opportunity in our Scopus-indexed journal partner (North American Journal of Psychology) and/or for further reviews for Scopus-indexing (conference proceedings).
  • Rejection is still possible during reviews by SciTePress Publisher and Scopus.
  • Publication and indexing process may take some time between six months to one year after the conference date.
  • Committee will also publish an ISBN-indexed book for papers which do not make the cut for Scopus-indexing.


Full Paper Submission

Participants who want a chance for publication in our proceedings are invited to submit their full papers. Committee will ONLY receive full paper via our Submission Management System. By submitting full paper, the author authorizes the publication and indexing process to the committee unless the committee will later announce otherwise.

Please follow our guidelines when preparing your full paper:

  1. Full paper is written in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF file.
  2. The file name should have the following pattern: [ICP-HESOS 2018] ABS-ID. For example: [ICP-HESOS 2018] ABS-1.doc.
  3. Please use our template while writing your full paper. The template for full paper can be downloaded by clicking button below.



  1. The full paper must not exceed 12 pages (including reference).
  2. Citation and referencing style should follow the Harvard system convention.
  3. Manuscripts of empirical research should at least include INTRODUCTION, METHOD, RESULT, and DISCUSSION section. The structure of literature review manuscript is more flexible.
  4. Template is illustrative of a typical manuscript. Please read carefully the guidelines provided in the template.


Please be aware that deadline for full paper submission is on July 1st, 2018. Full paper submission is ONLY for submission accepted as oral presentation. Poster presenters cannot submit their full paper. The submitted full paper will be going through further review for Scopus-indexing.

Poster Presentation

All poster presenters must register to attend the 3rd ICP-HESOS and are obligated to prepare their own posters. The committee will not prepare, design, or print the posters for presenters. We will only provide space and equipment to display posters during the conference.

Please follow the following instructions for poster presentation:


  • Minimum size: A3 (dimension = 297×420 mm)
  • Maximum size: A2 (dimension= 420×594 mm)


  • Posters should include Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s), contact information, and abstracts.
  • For empirical research, please include your abstract, brief introduction (background and research questions), method of the study, results and brief discussion, and a conclusion. Implication, future direction, and acknowledgement can also be included when necessary.
  • For case study and review of literatures, the content of posters is adjustable but should include the main points of the study.



  • Text should be kept minimum. 800 words is considered as a maximum total.
  • It should concise enough to be read under 10 minutes and from a distance of 1.5 meter.
  • Please use large text. 18-24 pt is preferable for text. Headings should be 30-60 pt, and Title can be larger than 72 pt.
  • Use fonts that are easy to read. Times New Roman, Garamond, and Arial are among the options.
  • Consider using more visualization of the research, rather than using text.



  • Design should be kept simple and indicating headings and sections clearly.
  • Avoid using colors that could distract readers from the main point of the posters. Also remember that some people might not be able to distinguish between red and green.



  • There will be 15 posters displayed on the second day of the conference, and the other 15 will be on the third day.
  • Each day, posters will be displayed all day, starting from 09.00 to 15.00 PM.
  • Presenters are expected to be attending their poster at the poster site on certain time (announced later), so that the audiences can have discussion with the presenters regarding the study.


Poster submission will not be required to submit full paper nor have a chance for any publication by the committee (proceedings and ISBN-indexed book).


Panel Discussion (Oral Presentation)

Panel discussion is a platform for presenters to have a critical discussion with their panel group and other participating audiences. Panel groups are determined by committee based on the proximity and relevance of submission topics. Each group will consist of three to five presenters who are given 15-minute oral session each (including Q&A session). There will be some parallel panel discussion at a time which is led by a preselected moderator each.

Committee will provide this following equipment in all discussion rooms:

  • Computer
  • LCD Projector
  • Whiteboard and markers

Computers will be set up for Power Point presentation, hence all presenters are asked to prepare their presentation materials in a compatible format. Please upload your presentation material before your scheduled panel discussion onto our Submission Management System so that the committee can prepare it beforehand since our computers do not support USB flash drive. Our team will also stand by in the room to help presenters at any time needed.


Scientific Writing Workshop

Scientific Writing Workshop is an additional workshop offered for participants who want to improve the quality of their full paper. It will consist of coaching and desk review to ensure a standard quality of scientific writing both content- and grammatic-wise. This workshop, however, do not guarantee that the submission will be indexed by Scopus.

Scientific Writing Workshop will be held around June 2018. A fixed date, registration fee, and further information about this workshop are to be announced soon.


Journal and Proceedings

Selected papers by the scientific committee will be proposed for publication opportunity in North American Journal of Psychology (Scopus-indexed) and/or for further review for Scopus-indexed proceedings (SciTePress Publisher). Only original articles will be considered for publication in the conference’s proceeding. Committee will also publish an ISBN-indexed book for submissions which do not make the cut for Scopus-indexing. Authors can specifically request not to be included in the conference publication by notifying us via email ( or simply by not submitting their full paper.

North American Journal of Psychology is our scopus-indexed journal partner which scope includes psychology, education, and other social sciences. Submissions which get offer from this journal will undergo further review process in accordance with the journal regulations and may be subject to additional publication fee (USD 20 per page). For more details on the publishing procedure in the North American Journal of Psychology, visit their official page here.


Distribution of Certificate

Certificate of attendance (for all attending participants) and presentation (for presenters only) will be distributed at the end of the conference. However, certificate will not be issued for participants who do not attend the conference or whose submission is registered but not presented.